Praxis für Mind-Body-Medizin & Neurofeedback

Mind-Body-Medizin & Neurofeedback

Welcome to Practice for Mind-Body-Medicine & Neurofeedback in Munich and Chiemgau!

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback (also EEG biofeedback) is a special type of biofeedback.  It is possible for patients to achieve better self-regulation through feedback on their own brain wave patterns.  The treatment has been well researched and is recommended, for example, for AD(H)S, migraines and stress.  

What is Mind-Body-Medicine ?

The therapy takes place within the framework of talk therapy and practical exercises (relaxation, exercise and nutrition groups).  For children and young people, we work with our Montessori materials among other things, to strengthen concentration, motivation and self-confidence.


Holistic treatment with EEG-Biofeedback for:

AD(H)S, migraines, affective disorders, pain disorders, stress, learning and development disorders and much more.

Costs in our Praxis

Special offer about our non-profit organisation

Joy of Learning München e.V. 

As a non-profit organisation, from now on, we can offer neurofeedback therapies with an additional payment of 25 euros per session for children, adolescents and young adults who have been diagnosed with attention disorders and who cannot get a therapy place with billing from their health insurance! More information can be found at:



Master of Arts Lulu Jiang

Neurofeedbacktrainer & Co-Therapist

Erzgießereistr. 45, 80335 München