Praxis für Mind-Body-Medizin & Neurofeedback

Mind-Body-Medizin & Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback@home (Funded by EU)

Offer from the non-profit association Joy of Learning Munich. As part of an Erasmus+ project, we can offer professional home training for stress management and concentration enhancement throughout Europe.

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Would you like to join our EU-funded project including home training at a reduced price?

 We are now offering a limited number of clients the opportunity to participate in the partly Erasmus + funded project “ This is a 6-8 week course for adults pertaining to stress and/or concentration problems.

In the course you will receive individual neurofeedback training and concrete exercises and advice on how to enhance the training effect.

We also recommend the following one-off service in the Neurofeedback Practice:

Home Therapy Admission & Device Instuction

Without this one-off service of QEEG formation, the success of the therapy may be decreased. However, you can still participate in the Erasmus+ programme if you waive this service. In this case, you will have to pay 50 euros for a 60-minute online instruction on your device. The billing will then be sent to you by our association Joy of Learning Munich.


The following is included in your weekly package:

- Loan device with CE certification

- Unlimited number of stand-alone neurofeedback trainings during your service time

- 1 appointment in our online consultation

- For the whole family: 1*per week "Fitness & Relax" and 4* "Cook yourself healthy" Zoom course (by appointment)

- Free use of the learning portal, even after completion of neurofeedback training

Any money paid via this homepage will be forwarded 100% to the association Joy of Learning Munich. Any fees incurred will be covered 100% by the practice as a sponsor of the association.

Click here for the association Joy of Learning Munich